Welcome to the world of Anlela Design. Allow yourself to be inspired by a selection of my projects, characterized by clean lines and precise visual axes, showcasing a unique, distinctive style. My designs effortlessly blend functionality with organic forms, resulting in spaces that feel light, uncluttered, and beautifully accentuated by natural tones and vibrant color accents.

My goal is to create concepts and spaces that unleash new energies, evoke sensory impressions, and promote well-being.

I specialize in crafting luxurious living spaces that seamlessly merge art, culture, and contemporary design. By focusing on the dynamic interplay between practicality and creativity, I continually push the boundaries of what design can achieve.

My expertise is deeply rooted in my academic background and professional experiences with esteemed companies such as Andrew Winch Design and Michelgroup. This foundation is further enriched by my global experiences in cities like London, Zurich, Mallorca, and Munich. My educational journey includes a Master’s in Interior Architecture with a focus on interior architecture, a Bachelor’s in Interior Architecture, and formal training as a carpenter.

Your home is the stage for your future life. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and design an environment that brings your visions to life.

CEO & Owner of Anlela Design